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Chef Leon Davis - East Troy, WI

Leon Davis is the founder, owner, and proprietor of LD’s BBQ located in East Troy WI. Leon started his business (10) years ago working out of a trailer that he located at the junction of Hwy 164 and I43 in Big Bend (current Kwik Trip.) Leon moved his business into the beautifully renovated building located at Hwy ES and I43 in East Troy on 10/17/2018.

Leon began his career working as a travelling nurse, traversing from South Carolina to Mississippi and Arizona. It was at this time that he discovered that he had a love for good BBQ. He returned home to Wisconsin to start his own business and developed BBQ sauces that catered to the Wisconsin taste buds. He developed three sauces: Mild, Zippy, and Norm’s. The latter named in honor of his father.

Quality of product is objective #1 for Leon. He oversees the cooking of quality meats to make sure it is moist and not dried out, is the proper temperature, and has the proper texture. He will not serve anything that does not meet his high standard of quality.

And that quality has been widely recognized. In the national Rib cooking contest (RibFest) LD’s BBQ received the 1st Place Award of Grand Champion for Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Ribs, and BBQ sauce. LD’s also won the “People’s Choice” award for many years running. LD’s was also voted the ‘Highest ranked Caterer in Mukwonago’ and received the ‘Best Ribs in Wisconsin” designation from the Food TV Network.

The beautiful dining room is adorned with the many trophies and awards that he has accumulated over the years. But Leon’s number one source of pride is his loyal customers, who he considers as family. The walls of his restaurants bear witness to the many who love his BBQ and have signed their approval onto the walls. The restaurant is roomy, clean, and comfortable and features beautifully hand-crafted tables and special touches of d├ęcor throughout. The staff is friendly and kind. Dining at LD’s a pleasurable and delicious experience. Doing what you love is always a blessing. To Leon…and his customers!

LD's BBQ East Troy WI