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Chef Michael Feker -  Milwaukee, WI

Chef Michael Feker is not always in the kitchen preparing his global cuisine at his two restaurants, Il Mito and Zesti. He is also a familiar TV culinary talent in Milwaukee. Michael produced and appeared on ABC’s “Our Dinner Bell”, Milwaukee’s WISN at12:00 noon every Saturday morning for the last three years. Along with showcasing simple, fresh, family friendly dishes and walking viewers through each step of the cooking process, he constantly entertains and educates his audience. He was also featured on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” on the episode “Aisle and Error” which aired November 16, 2014. He took second in the competition. He appeared on Food Network’s “Cutthroat” episode on December 27, 2015 and almost won with a close second!

Michael has showcased his healthy cuisine on FOX’s Wake Up Friday mornings for the last -- years, as well as on the Weekend Wake Up, Saturday mornings. His show on FOX, Feker's Kitchen, had a mission to get viewers/guests to experience food: get back to the table to share both nourishment and conversation with family and friends.

Feker has worked as a culinary consultant to Wisconsin's largest healthcare provider, Aurora Health Care. His cooking videos, which showcase culinary techniques and practices to bring fresh and pure foods to both patients and staff, are continuously
shown on their in-house television network for patients to view. He appears frequently on NBC’s Morning Blend, WTMJ4, and is consistently mentioned in articles and interviewed for print and broadcast outlets in Wisconsin.

View Michael’s passion and love for life through his cooking shows and videos at:

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