Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats offer "Center of the Plate" Lamb - Cut to Order

Our Premium, Domestic Lamb Offers Distinctive Flavor To Any Meal...

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats Flavorful Domestic Lamb
Our Domestic Lamb boasts a mild distinctive flavor and aroma that complements its juiciness and tenderness. Our master butchers hand cut each piece of meat to ensure the color and texture meets our exacting standards. Domestic Lamb is more limited in supply than imported products but our master butchers are confident that you will taste the difference and appreciate the distinctive taste that our premium domestic lamb can add to your meal.

From roasts and chops to stews and comforting braises, lamb has something to offer everyone. It’s some of the most versatile meat and is a well-known gourmet “chef” favorite. We invite you to move beyond the traditional lamb slathered in mint jelly and create a variety of preparations that will make this meat shine.

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats offer the ultimate in "haute cuisine" - the Frenched Lamb Rack. This domestically-raised lamb has a clean, rich taste that reflects its careful upbringing. Sweet and tender, this elegant roast is sure to please and impress your guests. Best when grilled or roasted and served medium-rare our nine rib roast serves up to four guests.

Renowned for its tenderness our Leg of Lamb Roast is skillfully cut and tied by our master butchers. This specialty cut is perfect for roasting or grilling the natural flavor out of this fine quality Leg of Lamb.  This "Center of the Plate" is usualy served medium-rare and is sure to be a hit with all of your customers um-rare with caramelized vegetables and mint jelly.

Some of the best steaks are cut from the short loin including the Porterhouse and T-bone. Our master butchers start with our aged beef and cut the most tender steak from the short loin where the muscles are the least used and most tender. True steak lovers will appreciate the magnificent taste of our masterly cut aged beef steaks.

Our Loin Chops are cut from the lower portion of the loin and are the lamb's answer to Porterhouse steaks. Loin Chops are the tenderest chops on the lamb and are ideal for grilling or broiling. Our master butchers' cut them thick knowing that that they cook best that way. We recommend serving them medium to medium-rare with a little mint jelly or baked apples on the side.