Wide Game Wholesale Meats - Buffalo, Wild Boar, Red Deer, Elk & More!

Huge Selection Of Wild Game Meats - To Assist With Your Gourmet Dining Creations...

Wild Game 
Add some excitement to your dining menu and shop Pritzlaff's large selection of wholesale wild game meats. These delicious game meats lend themselves well to all kinds of new recipes making it easy to get creative in the kitchen and make entrees your customer are certain to fall in love with. Stock up on our wholesale wild game meats today and start improving your customer base and bottom line.

Wild Game entrees are becoming much more popular in fine dinning these days.  As American as the Old West, this Buffalo Meat is as delicious as it is lean. No mass production techniques are used in the raising or processing of buffalo as they are free range and humanely treated.

Trapped live, USDA inspected and approved in West Texas. Descendants of domestic and Eurasian breeds, these free range wild boar feast on acorn, grass, roots, Hickory nuts, pecans, and are naturally high in protein and very low in fat.



Farm raised in the lush New Zealand countryside by families that take great care in humanely raising their animals in a sustainable environment. The animals have the freedom to roam the pastures and graze on an ideal diet of grass and natural supplements.


100% all natural farm raised Wapiti Elk are sustainably raised on family farms in the New Zealand countryside where they graze on the highest quality grasses in the world. No hormones administered and no antibiotics are given to the animals ensuring healthy, lean and delicious meat.