Pritzlaff's Supplies Lean Selections Of Pork In A Variety Of Cuts!

Tremendous Pork - Fine Dining Quality For Restaurants, Hotels and Country Clubs...

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats - Tender, Lean Cuts Of Pork For Fine Dining Pleasure
Our master butchers have years of experience and put that experience to work when making their selections of pork.  We guarantee to offer the finest quality of pork, ensuring that each customer's cut is lean and marbled creating a sweet, tender, and juicy cut. Pork, known as the "other white meat", can be prepared in just about any fashion and is sure to enhance any menu and provide a memorable meal.

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats offer a savory selection of fine cuts and strives to customize every order to our customer's needs.  Call Pritzlaff today to be connected to one of our experienced sales representatives who will be happy to provide more information on all of the products and services we offer.  We want to be YOUR "Meat Purveyor" of Choice!   Pork Cuts List     Smoked Pork List    Kurbots Pork List

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats supplies flavorful Pork Roasts that are highly marbled and perfectly trimmed. Our Pork Roasts are cut from the loin and fashioned from a 15-rib rack. Crown Roasts make a spectacular centerpiece that is moist and succulent. Stuff with a wild rice or your own special stuffing, this roast is guaranteed to tempt even the pickiest customer.

Pritzlaff is proud to introduce our center- cut, highly marbled Pork Prime Rib Roast. Our master butchers perfectly trim each roast leaving just the right amount of marbling to retain moisture and flavor to each roast. This versatile  Pork Prime Rib Roast, with its' succulent, juicy taste and exquisite tenderness is easy to prepare and is sure to please your most discriminating guests.

Pritzlaff's Pork Ribs are guaranteed to be moist and flavorful. Our tender, wholesale Pork Ribs are always cut from behind the loin, making them tender and juicy.  They are perfect when served as an appetizer or as the centerpiece of your meal.  We suggest you compliment them with your favorite BBQ sauce and keep plenty of napkins on hand.

Pritzlaff Wholesales Meats strives to be your "Center of the Plate" specialist by offering the highest quality of Center-Cut Pork Tenderloin. It's extremely flavorful and so easy to prepare.  Our Pritzlaff Master Butchers, cut each piece from the bottom of the loin, starting in the center cut and running back through the sirloin end - ensuring the leanest and most tender cuts of meat.

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats prides ourself in offering the highest quality of Pork Chops to many restaurants, hotels, hospitals and country clubs throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago.  Our Boneless Pork Chop is a true classic and guaranteed to be tender and sweet.  This versatile Pork Chop is delicious when grilled, broiled, baked, or pan-fried.

Pritzlaff's Italian Sausae Patties are loved by resturants and bars all around town!  They cook quick and can assist in delicious sandwich recipes that are sure to loved by customers.  We guarantee it!

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats provides fine-dining quality "Bone-In" Pork Chops to customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago.  Try these thick-cut, "Bone-In" Pork Chops to create an impressive menu entree.  Don't let its size fool you, this master cut Pork Chop is tender and sweet when served slightly pink in the center.

Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats invites you to try one of our tastiest backyard barbeque winners - Our Bratwurst Sausage Patties. These patties are mildly seasoned with  choice spices and made with the highest quality of pork. These patties are delicious whether grilled over an open flame or browned in a kitchen skillet.  Add them to your next order to increase sales during the summer grilling months.